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    Longsheng built its fortune on chemical industry, and expanded its related industry both vertically and horizontally. Meanwhile, Longsheng also strives for bigger and higher resource allocation. Nowadays, Longsheng diversified its industries in chemicals, real estate, auto, finance etc.

    Construction Chemicals

    Construction Chemicals Business is one of Lonsen's major business. It includes twelve sub-companies as Sichuan Jilong Construction Chemical Ltd, Shangyu Jilong Construction Chemical Ltd, Neimenggu Jilong Construction Chemical Ltd, Zhejiang Jisheng Construction Chemical Ltd, Nanchang Jilong Industry Ltd, Pengshan Sanjiang Chemical Industry Ltd, Shanghai Hualian Construction Additive Ltd, Hefei Jilong Construction Chemical Ltd, Chongqing Jisheng Chemical Industry Ltd, Lanzhou Jisheng Construction Chemical Ltd, Sichuan Jisheng Logistic Ltd and Xinjiang Jilong Tianli New Material Ltd,Construction Chemicals Business has built four production bases in Sichuan Pengshan, Zhejiang Shangyu , Neimenggu Baotou, Jiangxi Nanchang. It also sets up offices in Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Xiamen, Shanghai, Kunming, Chongqing, Xian, Lanzhou, Beijing.

    Address: 163 Fengming North Road, Pengshan County, Si Chuan Province (Sichuan Base)/ 13 Weisan Road, Hangzhou Bay Shangyu Industry Park (Shangyu Base)
    Phone:0086-833-7690688 / 0086-575-82516323
    Fax: 0086-833-7690078 / 0086-575-82048190
    Website: http://www.jilong-chem.com